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This folder contains the experiment files and materials to run the experiment. The experiment was programmed using the E-prime 2.0 software (Psychology Software Tools, Pittsburgh, PA). Participants were tested during 1 session of approximately 2 hours each (including breaks after every block). After having signed the informed consent sheet and got the eeg cap, participants performed the following experiment, which consisted of: 1. 1 stimulus-response mapping block, which serves as practice 2. 14 mixed blocks, with 74 trials per block (the first 2 blocks served as practice and the first two trials of each block as warm-up trials) Instructions for the complete experiment are saved in `.jpg` format in the subfolder `instructions`. For each participant, a new randomisation of the stimulus order was programmed in C/C++ using the Tscope5 library functions, an upgraded version of the original Tscope (Stevens, Lammertyn, Verbruggen, & Vandierendonck, 2006). Randomisations for the participant number 1, 99, 100 until 130 are saved in `.txt` format in the subfolder `randomisation`. These files are read when starting the experiment mit E-Prime 2. You can create new randomisations by downlaoding Tscope5 ( and starting the file `sfs_eeg_rand.c`. Here, the following steps are necessary: 1. Open the file `sfs_eeg_rand.c` with Notepad++ 2. Adapt the screen resolution by changing the values in the following code `ts5_set_display_size(1280,1024)` 3. Compile the file (Macro -> Compile Tscope) 4. Run the file (Macro -> Run) 5. Enter the participant ID for the first participant (e.g., 990) 6. Press Enter 7. Enter the participant ID for the last participant (e.g., 9945) 8. Press Enter This would create one `.txt` file for each participant ID you selected (e.g., from participant ID 990 to 995). To start the experiment, please click on the violet icon `sfs_eeg.ebs2`: Then, you have to enter the following information: 1. `Subject (= participant ID)` 2. `Age` 3. `Sex` (male vs. female) 4. `Handedness` (left vs. right) 5. `Motherlanguage` (German vs. French vs. Italian vs. other) 6. `Experimenter` In case the experiment crashes, you can start the experiment after the stmulus-response mapping block by clicking on the violet icon `sfs_eeg_crash.ebs2`. In order to select another randomisation, you have to select a new participant ID. For example, for participant IDs 100 until 130, you can select participant IDs 1100 until 1130. The data are saved in format `.edat2` and `.txt`. If you use the same participant ID several times, the data will be overwritten. In order that the test battery works properly, please change nothing in the folder structure. To exit the test battery, please press "ctrl + alt + shift". All materials and instructions are in German.