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Elisabeth L. (Lisanne) de Moor Department of Developmental Psychology Tilburg University ---------- ## Employment ## **2016-2017** Research Assistant, Department of Developmental Psychology, Tilburg University **2017-2020** Assistant to the Research Communications Editor, European Journal of Personality **2018-2022** Graduate Student, Department of Youth and Family, Utrecht University **2020-present** Research Communications Editor, European Journal of Personality **2022-present** Assistant Professor, Department of Developmental Psychology, Tilburg University ---------- ## Education ## **2013-2016** Bachelor of Science, Psychology and Health, Tilburg University (with honors) **2014-2016** Excellence Program, Tilburg University (average of 8.5/10) **2016-2018** Research Master, Individual Differences and Assessment, Tilburg University (with honors) **2019** REAL workshop on ESM/EMA, KU Leuven, Belgium **2020** Power analyses for complex designs workshop, KU Leuven (online) **2020** Bayesian statistics in practice, European Association of Research on Adolescence (online) **2021** Graduate Winter School on Qualitative Data Analysis, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam (online) ---------- ## Extracurricular activities ## **2016** Voluntary Internship, Department of Medical and Clinical Psychology, Tilburg University (96 hours) **2017-2018** Voluntary Internship, Department of Developmental Psychology, Tilburg University (40 hours) **2018** Summer School of Personality Science, European Association of Personality Psychology, Zadar **2021** Writing week of the Early Researchers Union of European Association of Developmental Psychology, online **2021-present** Podcast co-host of the Personality Psychology Podcast ( ---------- ## Publications ## Branje, S., **De Moor, E. L.**, Spitzer, J., & Becht, A. (2021). Dynamics of identity development in adolescence: A decade in review. *Journal of Research on Adolescence, 31*, 908-927. Christiaens, A. H. T., Nelemans, S. A., **De Moor, E. L.**, Erentaite, R., & Vosylis, R. (2022). Psychometric qualities of the Educational Identity Processes Scale (EIPS). *Frontiers in Psychology, 13*, 861120. **De Moor, E. L.** (2023). Meaning making about and across self-relevant experiences: Links with well-being and identity processes of commitment and exploration. *Journal of Research on Personality, 107*, 104434. **De Moor, E. L.**, & Branje, S. (2023). Examining the secondary school choice process as a predictor of school adjustment and general well-being. *Journal of Research on Adolescence, 33*, 251-268. **De Moor, E. L.**, Cheng, T.-Y., Spitzer, J. E., Berger, C., Carrizales, A., Garandeau, C. F., Gerbino, M., Hawk, S. T., Kaniušonytė, G., Kumru, A., Malonda, E., Rovella, A., Shen, Y.-L., Taylor, L. K., Van Zalk, M., Branje, S., Carlo, G., Padilla Walker, L., & Van der Graaff, J. (2022). What should I do and who's to blame? A cross-national study on youth's attitudes and beliefs in times of COVID-19. *PLOS ONE*. **De Moor, E. L.**, Denissen, J. J. A., Emons, W. H. M., Bleidorn, W., Luhmann, M., Orth, U., & Chung, J. M. (2020). The link between self-esteem and social relationships across time. *Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 120*, 173-191. **De Moor, E. L.**, Denollet, J., & Laceulle, O. M. (2018). Social inhibition, sense of belonging and vulnerability to internalizing problems. *Journal of Affective Disorders, 225*, 207-213. **De Moor, E. L.**, Hutteman, R., Korrelboom, C. W., & Laceulle, O. M. (2019). Linking stressful experiences and psychological problems: The role of self-esteem. *Social Psychological and Personality Science, 10*, 914-923. **De Moor, E. L.**, Klimstra, T. A., Van Doeselaar, L., & Branje, S. (under review). Who am I? The importance of identity processes, narrative aspects, and narrative content in studying identity. *Journal of Personality*. Advance online publication. **De Moor, E. L.**, Nelemans, S. A., Becht, A. I., Meeus, W., & Branje, S. (2022). Personality development across adolescence and young adulthood: The role of life transitions and self-concept clarity. *European Journal of Personality*. Advance online publication. **De Moor, E. L.**, Sijtsema, J. J., Weller, J. A., & Klimstra, T. A. (2022). Longitudinal links between identity and substance use in adolescence. *Self and Identity, 21*, 113-136. **De Moor, E. L.**, Van der Graaff, J., & Branje, S. (2023). Identity development across the transition from primary to secondary school: The role of personality and the social context. *Self and Identity, 22*, 762-782. **De Moor, E. L.**, Van der Graaff, J., Koster, N., Laceulle, O. M., & Branje, S. (2022). The relation between self-event connections, negative affectivity, and self- and interpersonal functioning in youth with severe psychopathology. *Journal of Personality, 90*, 799-816. **De Moor, E. L.**, Van der Graaff, J., Van Dijk, M. P. A., Meeus, W., & Branje, S. (2019). Life events and identity development in early and middle adolescence. *Journal of Adolescence, 76,* 75-87. **De Moor, E. L.**, Van der Graaff, J., Van Doeselaar, L., Klimstra, T. A., & Branje, S. (2021). With a little help from my friends? Perceived friendship quality and narrative identity in adolescence. *Journal of Research on Adolescence, 31*, 384-401. Johnson, S. K., Chung, J. M., **De Moor, E. L.**, Den Boer, L., & Klimstra, T. A. (2022). An item response theory analysis of two frequently used measures of identity development. *Psychological Assessment, 34*, 1047-1061. Laceulle, O. M., Rienks, K., Meijer, L., **De Moor, E. L.**, & Karreman, A. (2022). A developmental approach to youth maladaptive personality traits: Variable- versus person-centered change in the transition from childhood to adolescence. *European Journal of Personality*. Advance online publication. Van den Heuvel, M. I., Bülow, A., Heininga, V. E., **De Moor, E. L.**, Janssen, L. H. C., Vanden Abeele, M., & Boekhorst, M. G. B. M. (2021) Tracking infant development with a smartphone: A practical guide to the Experience Sampling Method. *Frontiers in Psychology: Developmental Psychology, 12*, 703-743. ---------- ## Manuscripts in preparation ## Akkerman, A., **De Moor, E. L.**, & Laceulle, O. M. (in preparation). *Developmental change in cognitive emotion regulation profiles from childhood to adolescence*. Bogaerts, A., **De Moor, E. L.**, & Lind, M. (in preparation). *Narrative and non-narrative aspects of identity in relation to categorical and dimensional models of personality disorder in emerging adults*. Ceccon, C., **De Moor, E. L.**, Aral, T., Osinga, M., Tang, Y., Fishere, M., & Syed, M. (under review). *Perceived overt and subtle discrimination and psychological well-being during emerging adulthood: The role of ethnic-racial identity*. **De Moor, E. L.**, Bodden, D., & Branje, S. (in preparation). *The role of psychopathology centrality in psychological problem stability and the association between psychological problems and well-being*. **De Moor, E. L.**, Campens, S., Eggermont, K., Raemen, L., Vanderhaegen, J., Vankerckhoven, L., Van Laere, E., Bogaerts, A., Koster, N., Branje, S., Claes, L., & Luyckx, K. (in preparation). *The role of mental illness in adolescent identity: A qualitative exploration of identity-relevant narratives*. **De Moor, E. L.**, & Christiaens, A. H. T. (under review). *A process- and status-centered approach to identity development around the transition to tertiary education: The importance for well-being*. **De Moor, E. L.**, Al Habbal, D., Alajak, K., Al Sawaf, Z., Laceulle, O. M., & Chung, J. M. (in preparation). *Experiences of self-conscious emotions and self-esteem in everyday life in a sample of young Syrian adults with refugee backgrounds*. **De Moor, E. L.**, Laceulle, O. M., Chung, J. M., & Ormel, J. (in preparation). *Measuring the psychopathology p factor across adolescence*. Den Boer, L., **De Moor, E. L.**, Reitz, A. K. (in preparation). *Identity formation during the transition to working life: Connecting two contemporary developmental theories on identity formation*. Hessels, C. J., **De Moor, E. L.**, Deutz, M. H. F., & Laceulle, O. M. (under review). *Personality pathology in youth: A comparison of the categorical and alternative model in relation to internalizing and externalizing pathology and age-adequate psychosocial functioning*. Laceulle, O. M., **De Moor, E. L.**, Van Aken, M. A. G., De Clercq, B., Prinzie, P., Tackett, J. L., ... & Thomaes, S. (in preparation). *Personality pathology risk for depressive symptoms in youth: An individual participant data meta-analysis*. Koster, N., **De Moor, E. L.**, Van Aken, M. A. G., Van der Heijden, P. T., & Laceulle, O. M. (in preparation). *A story telling itself in the living: Concurrent and prospective relations between narratives and interpersonal problems in a clinical sample of youth*. ---------- ## Conferences ## **2018** European Conference on Personality, Zadar, Croatia **2018** European Association for Research on Adolescence, Ghent, Belgium **2019** International Society for Research on Identity, Naples, Italy **2020** European Association for Research on Adolescence Congress, online **2020** International Society for Developmental Psychobiology, online **2021** Society for Research on Adolescence, online **2021** International Society for Research on Identity, online **2021** Association for Research in Personality, online **2021** International Society for the Study of Personality Disorders, online **2022** International Society for the Study of Behavioral Development, Rhodes, Greece **2022** European Conference on Personality, Madrid, Spain **2022** European Association for Research on Adolescence, Dublin, Ireland **2023** Conference on Narrative Identity: Insights from Research and Practice, Lille, France **2023** International Society for Research on Identity, Boston, United States of America **2023** European Conference on Developmental Psychology, Turku, Finland ---------- ## Grants and awards ## **2021** Invigoration grant of the Dynamics of Youth research hub, Utrecht University (€20.000,-) **2022** Dissertation award of the European Association of Personality Psychology ---------- ## Additional training ## Trained at coding qualitative data on narrative identity constructs (e.g., agency, coherence, communion, content, self-event connections, valence, and theme) Familiar conducting analyses in R, SPSS, Latent Gold, and Mplus Competent in statistical analyses using structural equation models and item response theory models ---------- ## Non-scientific output ## **2022** Invited guest at the Science Cafe, *Identiteit* [*Identity*], Nijmegen, the Netherlands **2023** Non-scientific journal article: L. de Moor & M. Van Scheppingen, "Persoonlijkheidsontwikkeling in de pubertijd en jongvolwassenheid" ["Personality development in puberty and early adolescence"], *Demos: Bulletin over Bevolking en Samenleving, 39*, 1-4. **2023** Non-scientific journal article: S. Branje & L. de Moor, "De ontwikkeling van identiteit" ["The development of identity"], *Tijdschrift voor Kinder- en Jeugdpsychotherapie, 2*, 6-26. **2023** Invited speaker at the scientific congress of the Association for Child and Youth Psychotherapy, *Narrative Identity Development*, Soesterberg, the Netherlands **2023** Seminar at the Dutch United Nations Student Association Utrecht, *Identity development*, Utrecht, the Netherlands
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