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**Research Data & Software Preservation Quality Tool Effort** **The Goal:** is to collaboratively design an interoperable and repository agnostic Data and Software Preservation Quality Tool. ![enter image description here][1] ---------- **Objectives:** ​The project’s objectives are to develop technical and administrative implementation plans for an open source Data and Software Preservation Quality Tool that can be jointly developed by interested parties. **The activities to implement the project:** ​Conduct stakeholder engagement through outreach to user communities and tool providers (survey, workshops, panels), conduct an evaluation of related systems, openly and transparently report all proceedings, collaboratively author and edit a report of findings,prepare technical and administrative plans. ![enter image description here][2] **Links:** - [PresQT project web site][3] ([][4]) - [IMLS LG-72-16-0122-16 Award Announcement][5] [1]: "Project OverView" [2]: [3]: "PresQT" [4]: "PresQT" [5]: "IMLS LG-72-16-0122-16"