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Draft Agile Data Curation Values and Principles


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# Draft Agile Data Curation Values and Principles for comment# ## Values ## Principles * Maximize the impact of research data through accelerated capacity for discovery, access and use of valuable data * Expect unanticipated needs for and uses of research data (and documentation) and develop flexible systems to support new uses and users without significant modifications * Facilitate automated interaction with data and metadata assets through well documented public web services that enable disintermediated use and reuse of research data * Data creators and data curators should work closely throughout planning, research and preservation activities to ensure the most efficient and streamlined process * Identify key individuals in a data curation project that have the requisite knowledge and motivation to do the job and get out of their way * Identify the most effective method(s) for maintaining close communication and <em>use</em> them * Delivery, access, use and citation of research data are the primary measures of success * Design principles that enable steady delivery of incremental improvements to research data discovery, access and use should be consistent with a sustainable level of effort and funding from sponsors, data creators and curators, and users * Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility * Start with the basics and only make systems more complex as needed, while maintaining a low bar to entry * Continuously work to develop and evolve a community of data providers, curators and users that all participate in the ongoing evolution of the research data systems that they interact with