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## READ ME The project consists of a zip file that contains two folders: the _scripts_ and the _out_. - The _scripts_ folder contains some functions that I created for analysing and ploting the data (see functions.R file) and the script in which the data are actually analysed and plotted (see analyses.R file). On the second file, there are basic info on how to run the file. Please note that you will need to define the main directory in your script (see rootdir object). - The _out_ directory includes the data in RData format (dOSF.RData) and the objects that are generated after running the analyses.R file (resultsOSF.RData). - The _ExperimentOSF.zip_ contains a zip file with the main experimental task. Within that zip file there is a separate README file with details on how to run the task. ### Note The data are released for facilitating the peer review process. You can use the data, though, for academic/clinical reasons. Any commercial use of the data is strictly prohibited.
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