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Data contains every topic and all effect sizes

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Category: Data

Description: *topic: the 10 most prevalent words for the given topic *extraversion: correlation of topic with extraversion *agreeableness: correlation of topic with agreeableness *d: Cohen's d gender of topic (more positive = used more by males) *d.lowerci: lower-bound on 95% confidence interval for d *d.upperci: upper-bound on 95% confidence interval for d *affiliation: correlation of topic with affiliation *assertiveness: correlation of topic with assertiveness *vector length: distance from origin (center of plot) to point in the affiliation / assertiveness plot; = sqrt(affiliation^2 + assertiveness^2) *angle: angle of the vector from the origin to the point *octant: portion of circumplex where the point lies (picture the circumplex as a dial with 10 settings; based on the angle, this is the "setting" where the topic lies; vector length dictates how strong it is on this setting) *vertical half: is it on the top (dominant) or bottom (submissive) *horizontal half: is it on the left (quarrelsome) or right (communal)


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