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106 university students completed the experiment in exchange for $5. Demographic information was not collected as it was not part of the replication materials provided by the original author. Of the 106 participants, the first six participants were excluded because the original author sent the incorrect replication packet. That is, the first 6 participants completed a different experiment. This was realized by the replicating author upon noticing that the stimuli for the first 6 participants did not match those of the original paper. Of the remaining 100 participants, 8 were excluded due to several programming errors present in the revised replication packet provided by the original author. See "Data" section for details on errors. The data are provided in an excel file with a number of tabs. The tabs represent the following: 1. rawdata - row 1 indicates the participant number, row 2 indicates whether the column information is about the trial id or the reaction time associated with that trial. -400 or 0 means data were missing. 2. data_organized - takes the data from 'rawdata' and reorganizes them into a format amenable for analyses. Column headings include - subject = subject id - include = 0 means exclude, 1 means include - ID = trial ID (information on trials can be found in supplementary data file in this section) - RT = reaction time - Drop_Slow_and_Fast = trials that were either slower than 300ms or greater than 3000ms were excluded - Exceeds_Ss_Mean_Plus_3SD = if reaction time exceeded the subjects mean reaction time plus 3 SD then the reaction time was substituted for the cut off value. Exceeds_Item_Mean_Plus_3SD = if reaction time exceeded the trial mean reaction time plus 3 SD then the reaction time was substituted for the cut off value. - RT_With_Exclusions = reaction time used in analyses - Type = Type of trial: either "NamePicture" or "SayWord" (only "NamePicture" trials were included per Janssen et al.) - Frequency = HF (high frequency) or LF (low frequency) - Relatedness = Related or Unrelated 3.data_for_analysis - excludes all trials that are dropped based on previously stated criteria and only includes "NamePicture" Trials. 4.F1 - data formatted for "by-subjects" analysis 5.F2 - data formatted for "by-item" analysis 6.Notes on Participants - explanation for data exclusions.