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<h1>Welcome to UCLA Comp Soc!</h1> <p><strong>The aim of the Computational Sociology Working Group (CompSoc) is to discover and practice the latest methods in computational sociology.</strong> </p> <p>We encourage current computational researchers to hone and add to their skills, while also introducing computational methods to faculty and students who have never used such methods in their research. </p> <p>Our activities include: programming, software and data sessions, workshops for students' projects and fellowship applications, guest lectures, and a journal club. </p> <p>Last spring, the group also organized bi-weekly meetings to learn a new computational method, deep learning. In meetings, we discussed and solved problem sets related to readings of the open access textbook Deep Learning.</p> <p><strong>If would like to join our email list, or workshop a project or proposal,</strong> please email student coordinators:</p> <ul> <li>Bernard Koch bernardkoch@ucla.edu</li> <li>Ian Peacock ipeacock@ucla.edu</li> <li>Alina Arseniev-Koehler arsena@g.ucla.edu.</li> </ul> <p>Jacob Foster is our faculty sponsor. Gabriel Rossman, Ka Liu, and Lynne Zucker are affiliated faculty.</p> <hr> <h2>Fall Events</h2> <p>10/16 Workshop: NSF Review. 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <p>11/1 Professor Hongjing Lu (UCLA Pychology): "Mining for Meaning: From Word2vec to Abstract Semantic Relations." 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <p>11/13 Planning the Computational Sociology Field Exam. 10:30-12 in Haines 279</p> <p>11/20 Journal Club: "Human Decisions and Machine Predictions." 10:30-12 in Haines 279</p> <p>11/27 Workshop: Summer Internships and Fellowships in CompSoc and Data Science. 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <p>11/29 Workshop: Python programming basics with applications to text data. 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <hr> <h2>Winter Events</h2> <p>Wednesdays: Deep Learning Group. 1:30-2:30 in Haines 108.</p> <p>1/17 Workshop: Intro to Text Analysis in Python. 10:30-12 in Haines 215.</p> <p>1/20 Workshop: Statistical Programming in R. 12-2 in Haines 279.</p> <p>1/24 Chris Esposito (UCLA Geography): "Innovation and Housing Prices: The Spatial Dimension of Knowledge Flow Networks". 10:30-12 in Haines 215.</p> <p>1/31 Professor Daniele Silvestro (Gothenburg University Biological and Environmental Sciences): "Modeling the evoluton of (bio)diversity through origination, extinction, and migration processes." 10-11 in Haines 279. </p> <p>2/2 Professor Neal Caren (UNC Chapel Hill Sociology): "Grande Resistance: Protest During the Trump Presidency." 10:30-12 in Haines 279, co-sponsored with MOMWG.</p> <p>2/21 Workshop: Text Analysis from Scratch (as part of the UCLA Library Winter Workshop Series). 11:30-1:30 in the Young Research Library.</p> <hr> <h2>Spring Events (so far)</h2> <p>4/18 Journal Club: "The spread of true and false news online." 10:30 in Haines 108</p> <p>4/25 Professor Pablo Suarez Serrato (UC Santa Barbara Mathematics and Instituto de Matemáticas UNAM): "Social Automation, Twitter bots and Human Rights." 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <p>5/2 Bernard Koch (UCLA Sociology). 10:30-12, location TBA. </p> <p>5/16 Professor Amir Goldberg (Time and Location TBA)</p> <p>5/30 Professor Carolyn Parkinson (UCLA Psychology). 10:30-12 in Haines 279.</p> <p>6/7 Professor John Levi Martin (University of Chicago Sociology). 5-6:30 in Haines 279, co-sponsored with Soc 237.</p> <p><strong>Contents:</strong> <a href="https://osf.io/cr8gm/wiki/Methods%20Tutorials/" rel="nofollow">Methods Resources</a></p>

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