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Many Labs 3: ELM Follow Up Study


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Description: Luttrell and colleagues (2016) followed up on one of the replications conducted as a part of Many Labs 3 (Cacioppo, Petty, & Morris, 1983), correcting what they identified as weaknesses to the Many Labs 3 version. They found the original effect in their optimal version but not in the Many Labs 3 version. In this study, we seek to replicate their methodology, demonstrating that expertise can be transferred between teams when conducting replications.


Study Description Luttrell, Petty, and Xu (2016) reran a replication from Many Labs 3 (Ebersole et al., 2016) which they deemed to be suboptimal for investigating the effect of interest. They reran a version of the study similar to that which was used in Many Labs 3 and an improved version. They observed the original effect in the optimal version, but not in the Many Labs 3 version. In this study,...


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