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This repository contains materials to accompany the following paper describing the development of a self-report scale for measuring self-efficacy in individuals with bioplar disorder. Smith, L. M., Erceg-Hurn, D. M., McEvoy, P. M., & Lim, L. (2019). Self-efficacy in Bipolar Disorder: Development and Validation of a Self-Report Scale. Journal of Affective Disorders. [][1] Here is an overview of the materials in the repository: - The file `Smith(2019)_Bipolar_Self_Efficacy_Scale_Development_PrePrint.pdf` is a copy of the manuscript that was accepted for publication. - A copy of the scale can be found in the file named `BPSES - Final Scale.docx`. You can also view a larger battery of items that were used during the scale development process, in the file `BPSES - Original Battery.docx`. - The `FACTOR` folder contains materials and output from exploratory factor analyses. These were performed using the [FACTOR][2], a fantastic free factor analysis program developed by the Universitat Rovira i Virgili in Spain. The file `bpses_pre_for_factor.dat` contains the data used in the analysis. The files with `.txt` extensions contain output from analyes performed using FACTOR. - The `R` folder contains files from analyses performed using [R Studio][3]. These include R data files, [R Markdown files][4], and PDF files that contain a mix of R code and output, interspersed with comments describing the results. A lay summary of the study can be found on the [Centre for Clincial Interventions website][5]. [1]: [2]: [3]: https://www.rstudio.comilitats/factor/ [4]: [5]: