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**Introduction to the OSF** --------------------------- This project contains materials and links from an Introduction to OSF webinar delivered for the Agricultural Economics Society of Ireland, on the 12th of May 2022 Learn more about AESI here: The slides are available in the Files section. If you wish to learn more about using the OSF, then *Read More* below to find further resources. Denis O'Hora is a COS (Center for Open Science) Ambassador. Learn more about it here: He is also a BITSS Catalyst. Learn more about the programme here: Doris Laepple coordinated and arranged the workshop. The workshop owes a great debt to numerous useful introductions to OSF provided by the Centre for Open Science (COS) and others linked below. How can I use OSF? --------- One researcher in Agricultural Economics who has done quite a lot of open science work using OSF is Prof Paul Ferraro of Johns Hopkins University. Check out his OSF page to get ideas for what you can do: *Replicability in Agricultural Economics* Ferraro is currently working on a paper that will investigate whether there are replicability concerns in AE based on the data available to date. He has published his pre-analysis plan here: The Journal of Development Economics accepts the equivalent of Registered Reports (pre-results review;, but we were unable to find an agricultural economics journal that was taking this on. Hopefully, this will change and we will update this when we hear about it. * Experiences of the JDP team in setting up Pre-results review: * Video of webinar here: Resources --------- *Centre for Open Science* The COS website ( is a great place to start when learning about Open Scholarship. They are continually developing new initiatives designed to make open scholarship easier. *Open Scholarship Resources* - COS Knowledge Base for Open Scholarship: - Youtube video about the OSKB: *Introduction videos* - Getting Started With the Open Science Framework: - OSF101: - NICE introduction to the OSF: - Workshop: OSF Introduction: - OSF for Research Projects: - Youtube channel for the Centre for Open Science *Useful OSF projects* - Introductions to OSF - OSF into Daily Practice Presentation by Katherine Corker of Kenyon College: - A NICE Introduction to the OSF: - OSF: - Workshop: OSF Introduction: - Introduction to Open Science and the OSF in Psychology: * Examples of OSF Project types - Simple 'no frills' data hosting: - Stand alone study with Pre-Analysis Plan, Preprints, Power analyses: - Hosting presentation slides: - Registered Report of Psychological Expt: - Systematic Review with pre-registration of Search Protocol, preprint etc: - Funded project with Work Packages: - Lab Example (how to use OSF to structure your lab projects): - Using OSF as a structure and web-based dissemination for an IRC project: - Template for a lab notebook *Some useful info* - Licenses (CC-By etc): - OSF Guide to License: - Version Control - Collaborating on documents etc: - OSF Storage Caps (5Gb private, 50 Gb public) - How do i connect a OneDrive folder to an OSF project (currently blocked): - Security and Privacy (GDPR and encryption) - Creating and Data Management Plan - How to make a data dictionary - CSV on the web metadata standard
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