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## What's This? ## We've got two sorts of things here. **Clean Analysis Script.R** & **SEM.R** are R scripts. Combined with the [All-Finished][1], [Translated Responses][2], [LIWC.CCTE][3], [LIWC.Supp][4], and [NationLevel][5] spreadsheets on the Data page, you should be able to recreate every analysis that we've run, from scratch. We also have the **.RData** objects created for both scripts. If you don't want to run the scripts but just want to play with the model objects (an especially good idea for the SEM analyses, since that one takes a couple of hours to run, at least on my computer). You can load these directly into your R console, and poof, it's like you ran the scripts yourself! Amazing! [1]: https://osf.io/dr74a/ [2]: https://osf.io/m2abz/ [3]: https://osf.io/yyjbs/ [4]: https://osf.io/q8w9t/ [5]: https://osf.io/tm65n/
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