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Power grid frequency data base --- This data set contains precisely time stamped (GPS referenced) frequency data from several power grids around the world in **one second resolution** and 1 hour excerpts of raw data (mostly at 25kHz sampling frequency). We list the location information under [Data Records][1]. @[osf](483ua) In the initial commit, we present frequency measurements from **twelve** independent synchronous areas of different sizes as well as **synchronous records** (green markers on map) from Portugal, Germany, and Turkey, maximizing the geographical distance. @[osf](p86at) Data were collected using our self-developed device,the Electrical Data Recorder (EDR), a Phasor-Measurement-Unit(PMU)-like device, connected mostly to conventional low-voltage power outlets. When using this data, please cite the corresponding scientific articles, which provide additional information on the process of recording and data structure ([Data Descriptor on ArXiv][2]) and an initial data analysis ([Data Analysis at Nature Communications][3]). [1]: [2]: [3]: