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[Podcasts]( [Journal Articles and Blog Posts]( [Online Courses and Activities]( [Videos]( [Statistics, Methods]( [Search OSF for new materials]( Existing Teaching Resources - [Improving Teaching and Training](, SIPS 2018 Hackathon OSF project - [LMU Open Science Center Toolbox]( - Index of resources for teaching put together by LMU-Munich - [Resource Collation](, from SIPS 2016 - [Test bank for replication stuff]( - Multiple choice questions about replication related teaching material - [Research Transparency and Reproducibility Training](, BITSS (interdisciplnary) Syllabi and course materials: - [Course Syllabi for Open and Reproducible Methods]( - List of syllabi with links - [Open and Reproducible Science](, Lorne Campbell, 2018 - [Improving the Credibility of Social Science Research: A Practical Guide for Researchers]( - interdisciplinary/general social sciences - [Methods of Communication Research](, Neil Lewis, Jr. - [Methods for Reliable, Transparent, and Open Science](, Jeff Rouder and Joachim Vandekerckhove - [History and Methods of Psychology](, Moin Syed - [How reliable is cognitive neuroscience?](, Tom Stafford - [Teaching replicabiity slides]( (slides from a Research Methods course), Simine Vazire - [Reading List]( - General open science, pre-registration, replication - [Lecture Slides and script about replication crisis](, Chopik et al. Manuals and Guides - [Manual of Best Practices in Transparent Social Science Research](, Garret Christensen, BITSS (interdisciplnary) - [Open Science Manual]( - Benjamin Le's manual for his thesis students on how to do open and replicable research Some topics: - Sample-size planning - Pre-registration - Sharing data and materials - Computational reproducibility - Issues to watch out for Research Replication Projects - CREP - The Collaborative Replication for Undergraduates Webpage. - A guide to undergraduate replication projects; practical advice, links to potential studies, and links to analysis tools: - [Replication Wiki]( - repository of studies in empirical economics that have (i) been replicated (+ data, materials, and replications) and (ii) should be replicated Books - [Discovering Statistics]( by Andy Field - [An Adventure in Statistics]( by Andy Field - [Understanding Psychology as a Science: An Introduction to Scientific and Statistical Inference]( by Zoltan Dienes - [The Seven Deadly Sins of Psychology: A Manifesto for Reforming the Culture of Scientific Practice]( by Chris Chambers - [How to Lie with Statistics]( by Darrell Huff
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