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This repository contains posters from the poster sessions of [Spatial Cognition 2018][1]. The book of abstracts contains full abstracts for all posters. The posters are identified by the last name of the first author. Please find below a list of all poster titles included so far. - bae-etal.pdf : Route planning and situated navigation in a collaborative wayfinding task - barhorst-cates-etal.pdf : Movement and art experience, spatial abilities, and familiar representations in 9-10 year olds - bucher-etal.pdf : Searching for culture-free diagnostic markers of mild cognitive impairment in the tactile domain - canovas-etal.pdf : Spatial cognition in time expressions: Speech and gesture from large-scale multimodal data - ecke&mallot.pdf : Biologically inspired view-based navigation with place fields constituted through micro-snapshot - ferrando.pdf : A machine learning framework for spatial analysis - filomena&verstegen.pdf : Using landmarks in pedestrian movement simulation - founshtein-etal.pdf : Illuminating disorientation in Alzheimer’s disease through the use of functional, structural and metabolic neuroimaging - frankenstein&münzer.pdf : The (un)familiar city map: Navigation behavior in unknown environments is influenced by background knowledge about urban structures - greenberg-etal.pdf : Comparative analysis of case studies based on the physical effort model (PEM) - he&hegarty.pdf : Can navigation ability be improved? - miklashevsky.pdf : Spatial semantics of 16 concrete and abstract categories - moore-etal.pdf : Spatial training, computational thinking, and math performance in elementary school children - natapov.pdf : Semantics of urban space - neogi-etal.pdf : Identification of the flood susceptible bank lines using multi-temporal change detection - neuneier-etal.pdf : The induced Roelofs effect presented in a virtual environment - nguyen-vo-etal.pdf : Do we need actual walking in VR? Learning with actual rotation might suffice for efficient locomotion - ojha-etal.pdf : Understanding the geometry of visual space through Muller-Lyer illusion - roy-etal.pdf : Where did I park the car? Influence of landmark's permanency on navigation - savino-etal.pdf : Analyzing real world usage of mobile map applications - scandola-etal.pdf : On the relation between body and movement space representation: an experimental investigation on spinal cord injured people - torok&torok.pdf : The ways of looking for ways on maps: Wayfinding and navigation in a virtual city - woodin&winter.pdf : Placing abstract concepts in space: quantity, time and emotional valence [1]: