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**COS Ambassadors**: A network of open science enthusiasts increasing conversations around open science and promoting open science initiatives. --- ---------- Researchers in any field can become [COS Ambassadors][1]. United, we can increase openness, integrity, and reproducibility across scientific domains. Ambassador Activities ----- - Build communities of researchers interested in openness, reproducibility, and transparency - Act as local information source about COS, OSF, transparency, and reproducible research practices - Serve as an information resource at [OSF Institutions][2] sites - Represent COS at conferences and meetings - Grow the open science community - Blog about COS initiatives or general open science topics - Provide training on OSF and reproducible practices - Blog about COS initiatives and/or general open science topics. - Provide feedback on new OSF features/improvements Additional Resources --- [Slide Decks][3] [One Pagers][4] [Open and Reproducible Research Workshop Curriculum][5] Quick Links --- [Center for Open Science][6] homepage [Ambassador Cheat Sheet][7] [COS Quarterly Newsletters][8] [COS Blog][9] [COS YouTube Channel][10] - webinars on using the OSF and other special topics [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: