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Processed data from Thiecke et al., "Cohesin dependent and independent mechanisms support chromosomal contacts between promoters and enhancers" File description per directory: **CHiCAGO** *CTCF_control, CTCF_depleted, SCC1_control, SCC1_depleted:* CHiCAGO objects (.Rds) of PCHiC in -Auxin (control) and +Auxin (depleted) samples. Note that CTCF and SCC1 were independently depleted, using separate AID systems. *G1, G2, Mitosis:* CHiCAGO objects (.Rds) of PCHiC in synchronised cells in cell cycle stages G1, G2 and Mitosis. *WAPL_PDS5A_PDS5B:* CHiCAGO objects (.Rds) of PCHiC in cells where triple RNAi inhibition was performed with siRNAs targeting WAPL, PDS5A and PDS5B transcripts. Note that these were targeted simultaneously. *peak_matrix_merged_clustered:* Tab-delimited table (peak matrix) where the PCHiC interactions from all conditions were merged under the condition that >= 1 condition shows a CHiCAGO score >= 5. Note that the scores in this table are asinh() transformed. Additionally, this table includes k-means cluster labels (A-M). **Chicdiff** *CTCF, SCC1:* Tab-delimited tables (peak matrix) as described above. These tables additionally contain a PCHiC interaction rewiring label (lost, maintained or gained) denoting the rewiring response upon CTCF of SCC1 depletion respectively. **Compartments** Compartment calls from Wutz et al., EMBO J 2017. **RNA-seq:** RNA-seq counts per restriction fragment for two replicates **SLAM-seq:** Tab-delimited table showing the processed SLAM-seq output **TADS:** Bed-like files showing topologically associating domain boundary locations (start, end and chromosome) for four interphase samples G1 (2 replicates) and G2 (2replicates).