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Category: Communication

Description: Workshop Description: Registered Reports (RRs) involve a pre-study peer review of the research plan, which improves research rigour and reduces wasting resources. Over 190 journals now accept registered reports and there is a strong call for all fields to adopt pre-study peer review to avoid wasting time and resources on methods that cannot answer the proposed questions, as well as prevent practices that degrade the validity of the research. The Peer Community In Registered Reports (PCIRR) is interested in getting the practice of RRs more accepted by authors and mainly to change scholarly publishing. This is a platform that was developed by scientists and for scientists. It promotes faster scientific dissemination and offers transparent and publicly available reviews, which are free of charges. The PCI RR workshop will present positive and negative aspects of conducting peer review before the data are collected and describe the registered report lifecycle at PCI RR.


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