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Description: Hackathon–Replications & Reversals Across the Social Sciences. Replications of previous scientific work are at the core of the Open Scholarship movement (e.g., Klein et al., 2014; Open Science Collaboration, 2015). However, as replication efforts become more mainstream, it can be challenging for scholars and educators to keep themselves up to date with which effects in their field replicate and which do not. In this proposed Hackathon, we aim to develop a “living”, freely available, and community-driven collection of effects that have been replicated either successfully or unsuccessfully, or even reversed, across the social sciences ( Attendees will collectively review and compile replication studies based on their status (e.g., replicated, unreplicated, mixed findings, and/or a reversal), the original paper, critiques, original effect sizes, and replication effect sizes. A curated resource will then be shared on the FORRT website and written up as a peer-reviewed journal article, with all contributing attendees as co-authors.


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