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## Online First version ## After AMPPS publishes the RRRs Online First, we will add links here. - [Online First][1] version of RRR for Mazar et al (2008) - [Online First][2] version of RRR for Srull & Wyer (1979) - [Online First][3] version of On et al's results-blind commentary on the Mazar et al RRR ## APS posted manuscript ## **note: we found an error in some of the reported results in the APS posted manuscript. They have been corrected for the online first version. They include new versions of figures 3 and 9, and a slight update to regression numbers. The updated versions will be available in the online first version above.** After APS makes the RRRs public in manuscript form (pre-copyediting), we will add links here. - APS-posted version of the online lab implementation appendix for both RRRs - ([Word File][4]) - APS-posted version of RRR for Mazar et al (2008) - ([link][5]) - Online Appendix (religiousness figures) for Mazar et al (2008) - ([pdf][6]) - APS-posted version of supplementary materials for Mazar et al (2008) - ([Word File][7]) - APS-posted version of RRR for Srull & Wyer (1979) - ([link][8]) - APS-posted version of supplementary materials for Srull & Wyer (1979) - ([Word File][9]) - APS-posted version of On et al's results-blind commentary on the Mazar et al RRR - ([link][10]) ## Accepted Manuscript and appendices ## This is the version of the manuscript submitted to OSF. Note that some details may change with copy editing. The Figures in the appendix will be labeled S1, S2, and S3 rather than 10, 11, and 13 (as they are in the submitted version of the paper) **Contributing labs Appendix for both papers** - Lab study description appendix ([pdf][11]) **Manuscript for RRR for Mazar, Ariely, Amir (2008)** - Accepted version ([Word][12]) - Accepted appendices ([Word][13]) **Manuscript for RRR for On et al's commentary** - Accepted version. Important note: The authors wrote their commentary while blind to the results. ([Word][14]) **Manuscript for RRR for Srull & Wyer (1979)** - submitted version ([Word][15]) - supplemental tables ([Word][16]) ## Post-Analysis Manuscript ## These Stage-2 manuscripts includes all of the results and a discussion section. They highlight all changes from the provisionally accepted Stage 1 (results-blind) versions. **Manuscript for RRR for Mazar, Ariely, Amir (2008)** - change-tracked version ([Word][17]) **Manuscript for RRR for Srull & Wyer (1979)** - change tracked version created by comparing the Stage1 and Stage2 manuscript within Word (not manually highlighted) ([Word][18]) ## Results-Blind Manuscripts ## These manuscripts were drafted while blind to the outcomes of the individual studies. The lead authors drafted the manuscripts and used placeholders for all outcomes of the meta-analysis. The original authors reviewed the manuscripts and they were revised in light of any feedback received. The analysis script were written based on simulated data rather than actual data. Although the data had been collected by the time the manuscripts were completed, the editor and lead teams kept themselves blind to the data. Only Robin Orthey, a research assistant in the Meijer lab, was given access to the data in order to check the coding for consistency with the inclusion/exclusion standards. He was not involved in writing the paper and did not discuss the results with any authors or the editor (he was added to the lead authors as a result of his contributions in checking the integrity of the data files). Those integrity checks allowed us to determine which labs met inclusion criteria for which analyses (e.g., were participants excluded properly if they were outside of the age range? did labs meet the requirement to test between 20% and 80% male participants? Were missing data handled appropriately). Robin did these checks via scripts that reported the errors, and labs were asked to verify these warnings and to correct errors as needed. The final data sets used in the meta-analyses were those reposted following these error corrections. Each lab wrote a paragraph summarizing their data collection and exclusions, and these were verified against Robin's automated checks. The paragraphs will appear in an appendix either online or with each paper. Below each paragraph we list the analyses that included data from that study. The Appendix is listed below as well. This component was registered after all of the data integrity checks, while the authors, editor, and those writing the analysis code remained blind to all lab data. After running the analysis scripts, the results will be inserted into these data-blind manuscripts to create the final manuscript. ---------- **RRR for Mazar, Ariely, Amir (2008)** - Data-blind manuscript ([pdf][19]) **RRR for Srull & Wyer (1979)** - Data-blind manuscript ([pdf][20]) **Appendix with lab information** - lab information appendix ([pdf][21]) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]: [5]: [6]: [7]: [8]: [9]: [10]: [11]: [12]: [13]: [14]: [15]: [16]: [17]: [18]: [19]: [20]: [21]:
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