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Investments, communication, sexual frequency, and jealousy in polyamorous relationships: An analysis of partner #1 and partner #2 relationships

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Description: The main goal of the current project is to examine investments, communication, sexual frequency, and jealousy in polyamorous relationships, comparing partner #1 and partner #2 relationships. Our hypotheses are based on the Investment Model and demographic data from a sample of 3,530 adults who identify as polyamorous (see Holmes et al., 2014). The Investment Model measures commitment level, which is a function of three bases of dependence: (1) higher levels of satisfaction, (2) lower quality of alternatives, and (3) higher investments (Le & Agnew, 2003); and has been found to predict cognition and behavior within relationships (Rusbult & Agnew, 2010). Furthermore, demographic data– namely, that people in polyamorous relationships are likely to: (1) have a greater relationship duration with partner #1 than partner #2, (2) to live with partner #1 more frequently than reports of living with partner #2, and (3) to consider partner #1 a “primary” relationship as opposed to partner #2— assist us in making the following hypotheses (see attached documents for hypotheses and measures).


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