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# Open Research Network The Australia / New Zealand Open Research Network is a loose collective of people across disciplines and institutes in the region. It has no formal structure, but exists as an emergent property of more local regional networks of institutional communities. It exists to support practitioners of open science and open humanities, to teach and learn, to give a sense of community, to provide guidance on opening research, and to advocate for more open sciences. This OSF project is a clearing house for resources that members want to share that help us achieve those ends. ## City-wide Network Resources - [How to start a city-wide open research community]( - Get your webpresence up fast with this [website template]( ### What do do with the citywide network? - Promote open research events (e.g. public lectures) - Encourage side-meetings of open researchers at conferences in your town, see [here for an example]( - Trade invited speakers / workshops between institutes (e.g. trade an intro to R workshop for a copyright and open access workshop) - *Remember* your network is bigger than your personal discipline. Remember to reflect openness for all researchers. - Run an Unconference, get some people together and work on projects related to openness and reproducibility (find [a toolbox here]( ## Institutional Community Resources ### How do I start an Institutional Open Research Community - [Read this document]( - Make a website (feel free to start by [cloning this template]( and other web presence - Ask local people in the network for help (Mathew will share the logo etc.) ### Institutional Community Activities - Run a [journal club on open science]( like [ReproducibiliTea]( - Have a discussion group. Maybe [based around a podcast](, or an [open science cafe]( - Run a Weekly Open research drop-in session ([some project ideas here]( - Run a hacky hour ([instructions on how to get started]( - Run workshops (e.g. open and reproducible analysis) - Host speakers on open practices. - Start a [Prereview journal club]( (h/t [Daniela Saderi]( - Campaign for a policy change (e.g. becoming a member of the [Australasian Open Access Strategy Group]( See [Open Science Community Utrecht]( for an example. ## Member communities - [Melbourne Open Research Network]( - [Deakin Open Research Network (DORN)]( - [Sydney Open Research Network]( - [Adelaide Open Research Network]( - [Open Research Network - Perth]( - [Brisbane Open Research Network]( - [New Zealand Open Research Network](
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