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**Original citation.** Crosby, J.R., Monin, B., & Richardson, D. (2008). Where do we look during potentially offensive behavior? *Psychological Science, 19*(3), 226-228. **Target of replication.** We seek to replicate the original authors' finding that when a White man made a potentially offensive comment in the presence of a Black man, participants would look at the Black man for a longer period of time if he could hear the comment than if he could not, F(3, 69) = 5.15, p < .005. **A priori replication criteria.** The replicators plan to conduct the same 2 (headphones on vs. off) x 4 (discussant) ANOVA as in the original study. The primary effect of interest is the interaction comparing the amount of time spent looking at the Black discussant in the headphones on vs. the headphones off condition. Like in the original study, we recruited only non-Black individuals to participate. Data analysis is currently underway; this replication's findings and final report will follow.