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## Click [HERE][1] for Information on How to Access Audiology Video Models and Visual Schedules ---------- This is a website where you can choose different Video Models and matching Visual Schedules to help a child complete hearing testing. To access tools: 1. **Be sure to use "Google Chrome" or "Firefox" as the web browser. Visual supports do not work with "Safari" or "Internet Explorer".** 2. Click on the "Choose Your Tools Here" tab on the left of this web page. 2. Read instructions on that homepage. 3. Select tools by using the table on the page based on your child/patient's age, gender, race/ethnicity, disability, and testing technique needed. ---------- ## How to Use Tools at Home or in the Clinic: ## **A Parent's Guide on How to Use Visual Supports:** - If your child had difficulty being tested and you think that your child will need extra help at the next appointment, show your child a video model before going to the next audiology appointment - Choose a Video Model from this website that you think best represents your child - Show your child the video multiple times before the appointment - Explain to your child that what happens in the video may be a little different than what will happen in the appointment - Explain to your child that how things look in the video (such as the room and the clinician) may look different in the appointment **An Audiologist's Guide on How to Use Visual Supports** - Have the Video Models and Visual Schedules prepared if you know your patient will need them. Have the video model loaded on the computer/tablet with a matching visual schedule printed. If the visual supports are not ready at the time of the appointment, consider using the tools at the next appointment if needed - Show the child the Video Model before beginning the hearing test - Point to the first picture on the visual schedule. Use a "first/then" approach (i.e. "First I will use my ear light, then I will take a picture of your ear"). Once the step is finished, have the child move the image from the left side to the right side, or have the child (or clinician) check the box on the right-side - Continue using the visual schedule until the testing is finished ---------- ## Learning More: ## Please [see our article][2] in the American Journal of Audiology to learn more about evaluating hearing in children with ASD and why visual supports are believed to facilitate testing. [1]: https://osf.io/b23ux/wiki/home/ [2]: https://doi.org/10.1044/2019_AJA-19-0047
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