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**Goal** The aim of this digital humanities project is to compile a relational database of Turkish political economy that includes biographical information about - *Turkish speaking authors, translators, and lecturers* who lived and died in the Ottoman Empire and the Republic of Turkey between the early 1800s and the 2020s (such as Mehmet Şerif, Sarantis Archigenes, and Sencer Divitçioğlu), - *non-Ottoman and non-Turkish authors* with publications on Ottoman and Turkish economy (such as Charles Issawi and Donald Quataert) - *orientalists, travellers, and diplomats* who contributed to our understanding of the Turkish economy (such as Nassau Senior, Charles Macfarlane, and Alexandre Blacque), - *immigrant and visiting scholars* who taught at Turkish higher education institutions (such as Alexander Rüstow, Wilhelm Röpke, and Ernst Reuter), and - *practitioners and government officials* who played a role in the institutionalization of market economy in Turkey (such as Camille Jacquart and Jan Tinbergen). **Methodology** To visualize our findings, we use open and no-code (or low-code) applications, tools, and platforms such as Tableau, Zotero, Google products (like Sheets, Docs, Drive, and Sites), Graphcommons, and Timeline JS. **Attributes on the database** First name, last name, title, AKA, about, date of birth, city of birth, country of birth, date of death, city of death, country of death, gender, nationality, millet / ethnicity, first role, second role, third role, last academic affiliation, medrese (or equivalent) education, tertiary education, tertiary field, tertiary city, tertiary country, PhD institution, PhD field, PhD city, PhD country, PhD date, PhD title, PhD language, first expertise, second expertise, third expertise, 5 selected books, 5 selected articles, languages of publications, autobiography, references. **When will the project be completed?** It is hard to tell. We are continually updating the datasets. As we make progress, the visualizations and other public information on the project website will be automatically updated. **A Brief history** We chose to focus on Turkish political economy in the mid-2010s. Due to various reasons, we were unable to conduct systematic research. We finally began this project in October 2021. The preliminary results and data visualization have been available online since January 2023. We have not received any funding (yet). **Acknowledgements** This is an ongoing project. Maintaining the databases requires hard work and attention to detail. We do our best to keep them accurate and up-to-date. It is possible that some authors and translators may not be included, and some publications may be missing. If you notice any errors or omissions, please let us know. This has been a collaborative effort, and many researchers have already contributed to improving the datasets. You can help too. We would like to thank the following scholars for their remarks and contributions: Bahar Araz, Derya Güler Aydın, Çiğdem Boz, Elvira Pushkareva, Yaremko, Ahmet Sönmez, M.Murat Baskıcı, Eyüp Özveren, Aykut Kibritçioğlu, Ergun Türkcan, Ercan Eren, Ragıp Ege, Alaaddin Tok, Kudret Emiroğlu, Cevdet Acarsoy, Arne Heise, and Harald Hagemann. Remaining errors are ours.
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