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Description: Watch Video Son runs over to mom when he sees her walking down the aisle [Mother and Son] WATCH/DOWNLOAD: When looking at their parents' wedding pictures many kids ask why they weren't there? While, some kids get to be a part of their parents' wedding and their reactions are adorable. Recently, a video went viral on social media of a boy who ran over to his mother when she walked down the aisle. In the video, the kid is seen dressed up in a blue and white suit waiting patiently for his mother to arrive. The moment he looks at her he says 'Hey Mom' and waves at her. Within a few seconds, he starts running towards her and hugs her. The mom smiles and hugs him back and holds his hand later the groom joins them. Three of them walk the aisle together holding hands and smiling. The video was shared on Instagram by goodnewscorrespondent with a caption that reads: “HEY MOM!” This adorable little ring bearer sees his mom walking down the aisle.. the rest is ADORABLE."


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