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Throughout the semester my partner Peter Gorecki and I worked on doing a re-design of our enterprise team's (Open Source Hardware Enterprise, OSHE) plastic recycling machine. The machine is used to grind up plastic waste into usable feedstock that can be used in OSHE's filament extruder. It can also be used for feedstock for any other plastic manufacturing method that you can think of. The old machine worked but was not very user friendly, was hard to build, and even harder to maintain. This semester we have come up with a design that fixes these problems, allowing for easier fabrication, assembly, usage and maintenance. The new machine also cuts the cost by about 50%, all of the components for a barebones version of the machine can be purchased for just under 2000 USD. If you are thinking about making this machine note that it requires a moderate level of shop knowledge and several power tools as well as a multitude of hand tools. A complete list can be seen in the design report before the build instructions. If you do make this machine and notice any ways in which it's design can be improved please let us know!