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Description: Progress in basic and clinical research is slowed when researchers fail to provide a complete and accurate report of how a study was designed, executed and results analyzed. Publishing rigorous scientific research involves a full description of the methods, materials, procedures and outcomes. Investigators may fail to provide a complete description of how their study was designed and executed because they may not know how to accurately report that information or mechanisms are not in place to facilitate transparent reporting. Here, we provide an overview of how authors can write manuscripts in a transparent and thorough manner. We introduce a set of reporting criteria that can be used for publishing, including recommendations on reporting the experimental design and statistical approaches. We also discuss how to accurately visualize results and provide recommendations for peer reviewers to enhance rigor and transparency. Incorporating transparency practices into research manuscripts will significantly improve the reproducibility of results by independent laboratories.

License: CC0 1.0 Universal

Has supplemental materials for Improving Transparency and Scientific Rigor in Academic Publishing on OSF Preprints


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