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Paper: The contributions of visual and central attention to visual working memory Journal: Attention, Perception, & Psychophysics Authors: Alessandra S. Souza & Klaus Oberauer University of Zurich Project funded by the Swiss National Science Foundation & the Forschungskredit of the University of Zurich --------------------------------------------------- Contents of this page: Data and analysis script of Experiments 1a and 1b - Description: continuous color delayed estimation task with 3 different attentional manipulations: refreshing, distracting visual attention, and distracting central attention Data and analysis script of Experiment 2 - Description: Multiple object-tracking (MOT) task combined with different attentional manipulations: distracting visual attention and distracting central attention Data and analysis script of Experiment 3 - Description: continuous color delayed estimation task with 2 types of attentional manipulation: distracting visual attention (with a broader range of stimuli to be processes during the retention interval than in Experiment 1) and distraction of central atention (with manipulations that control for cognitive load). The files included here are the following: 1) Files related to the main analyses reported in the article (Rscripts: Analysis_E#.R), which use the data files in dat. 2) Files for fitting a hierarchical mixture model to the data (using the CatContModel Rpackage) and to perform several model comparisons (by also fitting several restricted models) to the data. The CatContModel can be found here for downloading ( 3) Model fitting takes some time. I have also uploaded the chains (RDS files) resulted from all the fittings done for the paper (reported in the Online Supplementary Materials) in the fit_MixtureModels folder. These can be uploaded for inspection using the E#_BestFittingModel_analysis scripts.
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