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**Predictive uncertainty underlies auditory boundary perception (*Psychological Science*)** This repository ( contains data and stimulus materials for: > Hansen*, N.C., Kragness*, H.E., Vuust, P., Trainor, L., & Pearce, M. > (2021). Predictive uncertainty underlies auditory boundary perception. > *Psychological Science*, *32*(9). doi:10.1177/0956797621997349 **data** Contains collected data from Experiment 1 and 2. R scripts are provided for the analyses reported in the original paper. The following files are included: - **"Exp1_TargetNotes.csv"**: Target tone data from Experiment 1 (implicit self-pacing task). This was used for the main ANOVA and the supplementary LMER analysis requested by a reviewer (included in footnote 2 and SOM-R3). - **"Exp1_AllNotes.csv"**: All tone data from Experiment 1 (implicit self-pacing task) with each participant as a column (one with outliers and one without outliers) with every note as a row. This was used for the all-tone analysis. - **"Exp2_Data.csv"**: Data from Experiment 2 (explicit completeness ratings). Used for the ANOVA reported in the paper. - **"GMSI_Exp1_Exp2.csv"**: GMSI subscale data for both Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 (reported in SOM-R2). - **"PredictiveUncertainty_CODEBOOK.xlsx"**: Excel spreadsheet with explanations for all variables in the dataset. - **"PredictiveUncertaintyAuditoryBoundaries_Code.Rmd"**: R markdown file containing code for statistical analysis reported in the paper (including ANOVA and LMER for target tones, LMER for all tones, ANOVA for Exp. 2, correlations with GMSI scores, and code used for plotting figures). **stimuli** Contains stimulus materials used for running Experiments 1 and 2. The following files are included: - **"sp001.txt" ... "sp057.txt"**: Text files containing MIDI pitch values including preceding cadence for the practice trial (sp001.txt) along with all stimuli presented as part of Experiments 1 and 2. - **"StimExplanation.csv"**: CSV file mapping filenames to stimulus names and experimental conditions. - **"StimNotation.pdf"**: Musical notation for all 56 final stimuli. - **"[ADD FILENAME]"**: Max MSP patch used for presenting stimuli to participants. - **"StimIDyOM.xls"**: Excel file containing IDyOM output for each of the 56 final stimuli. This is the IDyOM output resulting from the second model run used for the all-tone analysis (i.e., this output was NOT used for stimulus selection; see Experiment 1 methods section for further details). - **"StimSelectionIDyOM.xls"**: Excel file containing IDyOM output for target tones of all final stimuli as well as the candidate stimuli from which the final stimuli were selected. Separate tabs are included for the 90 candidate target tones ("Candidates"), for each of the four conditions ("EndHi", "EndLo", "BegHi", "BegLo"), for the final 56 target tones, and four further tabs containing output from statistical analysis conducted in SPSS in order to match stimuli across conditions (see Experiment 1 methods section for further explanation). [1]:
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