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**Title:** Spectrophotometer/colorimeter project (F.22. BME 490A) ----------------------------------------------------------------- ---------- ---------- ---------- **Description:** The following materials/resources are shared to enable other educators/students to adopt the spectrophotometer projects for their courses. For a brief description of the fundamentals of spectrophotometery please review reference 1. Alternative implementations can be accessed from references 2-7. **Note-1:** A corresponding TinkerCAD simulation (circuit and code) was developed available from: **Folder Mechanical hardware example** includes sample designs from teams (F.22). Group-1 (G1) developed cuvette holders, a lid/cap for the cuvettes (i.e., they called the system cuvetter), and a box. Files shared by Erika Gomez on behalf of the team. Group-2 (G2) developed a holder for both circuit and cuvette, a box to block ambient light, and guides to align LED and sensor. Files shared by Max Bueno on behalf of the team. Team members: Max Bueno, Karlyle Soliven, Evan Garner, Joel Mendez, and Nicko Villafuerte. ---------- **References:** [1] Vo, Kevin Libretext Chemistry Chapter 2.1.5: Spectrophotometry, available from: (last retrived: Feb.2023) [2] Grasse, Elise K., Morgan H. Torcasio, and Adam W. Smith. "Teaching UV–Vis spectroscopy with a 3D-printable smartphone spectrophotometer." Journal of Chemical Education 93.1 (2016): 146-151. [3] Asheim, Jonas, et al. "A simple, small-scale Lego colorimeter with a light-emitting diode (LED) used as detector." Journal of chemical education 91.7 (2014): 1037-1039. [4] Porter Jr, Lon A., et al. "User-friendly 3D printed colorimeter models for student exploration of instrument design and performance." (2016): 1305-1309. [5] O’Donoghue, J. "Simplified low-cost colorimetry for education and public engagement." Journal of Chemical Education 96.6 (2019): 1136-1142. [6] Laganovska, Katrina, et al. "Portable low-cost open-source wireless spectrophotometer for fast and reliable measurements." HardwareX 7 (2020): e00108. [7] Feng, Jiansheng, et al. "An open-source dual-beam spectrophotometer for citizen-science-based water quality monitoring." HardwareX 10 (2021): e00241. ---------- //Update list: SA [March.2023] SA [Feb.2023]
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