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Open Data & Analyses: The steps in data treatment are documented in the script KB_final.syc. All original raw data (not including the hand scans for the footnote-results involving 2D:4D to protect the identity of the participants) can be found in the archive and the anthropometric data is recorded in KöllnerBleck_Logbook_Scan. The folder KB_tasks contains the unprocessed combined data files (including the PSE codings of both raters). The folder KB_tasks aggregated contains the combined and processed data files as well as the resulting complete data file KB_final.syz which is described in the accompanying codebook (KB_codebook.xlsx). An Output of the analyses conducted on the final data file can be found in KB_Output.syo. Open Materials: The programming of the test modules is available directly from the HuMAN Lab at Supplemental: KöllnerBleck_Supplemental contains additional analyses referenced in the paper. Martin G. Köllner & Kira Bleck, March 2020