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**Data Files** SupplementaryData1.csv contains data for the Natural Human Motion vs. Control Stimuli contrast. SupplementaryData2.csv contains data for the Machine-Like Motion vs. Control Stimuli contrast. SupplementaryData3.csv contains data for the Natural Human Motion vs. Machine-Like Motion contrast. **Column Names** **PID** - participant code **AQ** - Autism Quotient Score **SRS** - Social Responsiveness Scale Score **EHI LQ** - Handedness (Oldfield, 1971) **Age** - Age of participants **Gender** - Gender of participants (1 = Male, 2 = Female) **Stimulus Category** - Stimulus Category of Left Box (*Natural Motion vs Control 1 = Natural Motion, -1 = Control* *Machine Motion vs Control 1 = Machine Motion, -1 = Control* *Natural Motion vs Machine Motion 1 = Natural Motion, -1 = Machine Motion*) **Choice_Keyboard** - whether participant chose to open left or right box (0 = right box, 1 = left box) **Relative Effort** - Effort to open left box (locks on left - locks on right) **BoxColourCondition** - Which colour condition participant was assigned to (3 possible conditions)
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