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**Supplemental materials** ## Classifying Acoustic Signals into Phoneme Categories: ### *Average and Dyslexic Readers Make Use Of Complex Dynamical Patterns and Self-Affine Temporal Structure* --------- ### The **Github** repository contains MatLab scripts: * `Hasselman2014_extractmeasures.m`: Extract the measures used in QDA, based on the speech stimuli in STIMULI. * `Hasselman2014_Fig1-10.m`: Recreate Figure 1 to 10. * `Hasselman2014_Fig11-12_tab8.m`: Recreate Figure 11 and 12 by performing QDA. Table 8 lists QDA results. * `crp_edit.m`: Adjusted version of the CRP Toolbox function. It will return the value of the threshold when RR is fixed. * **Classifiaction - QDA:** Folder with Matlab scripts (by M. Little) needed to run the Quadratic Discriminant Analysis with bootstrapped Confidence Intervals. Some minor edits to the original. *See the Wiki pages more details.* ---------- ### The files in the **OSF storage** are: * **DATA:** 1. Raw spreadsheet data (`.xlsx`) 2. Output from MLWiN modeling of the multilevel logistic model (`.xlsx`) 3. Matlab (`.mat`) data files needed by the scripts. * **STIMULI:** The stimulus set (`.wav`) used in the labelling experiments. These files are used by the Matlab scripts to extract stimulus features. * **FORMANT TABLES:** A list of the formant tracks for each stimulus extracted by the Praat program (`.txt`). These are used by the Matlab scripts. * **ARTICLE_TEX:** The `LaTeX` version of the article. *See the Wiki pages more details.* ---------- Fred Hasselman 2014