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  1. Michael J Sammonds

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Category: Project

Description: This project contains the data and code used in the reporting and analysis of the experimental inundation of a floodplain wetland (or ‘billabong’) in the Yellingbo Nature Conservation Reserve in Victoria, Australia, by pumping water from its adjacent creek, to promote the native wetland flora and suppress terrestrial exotics. Vegetation was surveyed before (spring) and after (late summer) the managed flood in the experimental billabong and in three control billabongs. Floodplain water levels were continuously monitored (in press, Restoration Ecology DOI: 10.1111/rec.12816). The data consist of 7 related tables with fields and relationships defined in the metadata table. Analyses and plots presented in the paper were conducted in R using the code in the file YellingboAnalysisFigs.R


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