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This folder contains all code, data, and computational models as described in the paper "Parallel Model-Based and Model-Free Reinforcement Learning for Card Sorting Performance". For additional model comparisons of configurations of the attentional updating model, see "04 Comparison of Attentional Updating Models". If you want to re-run the analyses as reported in the paper, follow the instruction beneath: 1. Download all files. 2. Open the R script "Master.R". 3. Define the path to the downloaded files. 4. Run the code. **Please check the number of cores that will be used for computation before you run the code!** If you want to run the reported models on your own data, follow the second instruction: 1. Download all files. 2. Delete all files in "03 Results". 3. Delete all files in "01 Data". 4. Insert your own data in "01 Data" as a csv-file with whitespace as separator including columns as defined in "N375.csv". 5. Open the R script "Master.R". 6. Define the path to the downloaded files. 7. Define the name of your data file in "path2data". 8. Define which models should run on your data as models2run. 9. Run the code. For any questions, please contact