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On this repository, you can find the following files: - Our publications on this project: - Gordon, M., & Roettger, T. (2017). Acoustic correlates of word stress: A cross-linguistic survey. Linguistics Vanguard, 3(1); - Roettger, T., & Gordon, M. (2017). Methodological issues in the study of word stress correlates. Linguistics Vanguard, 3(1). - The most recent version of our corpus as a .csv (last updated: 17th April, 2018) - An .rmd file that generate plots from the most recent data table alongside the .html it generates (last updated: 17th April, 2018). ----------- Please refer to this resource as: Gordon, M., & Roettger, T. B. Studies on acoustic correlates of word stress - an online corpus (retrieved at DATE). doi 10.17605/