Acoustic correlates of word stress

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Description: In this project we gathered a large corpus of published research on acoustic correlates of word stress. Our aim is to distill the literature and evaluate its methodological practices. We are particularly interested in what acoustic parameters researchers measure and confirm as correlating with word stress, and on what methodological basis these results are grounded. On this repository, you can find the following files: 1. Our publications on this project: Gordon, M., & Roettger, T. (2017). Acoustic correlates of word stress: A cross-linguistic survey. Linguistics Vanguard, 3(1); Roettger, T., & Gordon, M. (2017). Methodological issues in the study of word stress correlates. Linguistics Vanguard, 3(1). Please refer to this resource as: Gordon, M., & Roettger, T. B. Studies on acoustic correlates of word stress - an online corpus (retrieved at DATE). DOI 10.17605/OSF.IO/9R2CD 2. The most recent version of our corpus as a .csv (last updated: 17th April, 2018) 3. An .rmd file that generate plots from the most recent data table alongside the .html it generates (last updated: 17th April, 2018).


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