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**Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project** **About:** The Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project was in response to a series of calls to action by the Medical Library Association's Latinx Caucus in the summer of 2020. This endeavor included two project teams that reviewed Hispanic/Latinx terminology specific to the United States as a way to help capture and recognize the diversity of this population. Each team had two project leads, subject matter experts/mentors in residence and project members that were members of MLA and/or library/academic partners. Recognizing the labor that was undertaken by BIPOC information professionals on this project, this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International License. **Theoretical Framework** ["Cultural Humility as a Framework for Anti-Oppressive Archival Description" (Jessica Tai, October 2020)][1] **Search Hedge Project Team** - Corn, Mayra - Contributor - Hanneke, Rosie - Contributor - Lackey, Mellanye - Subject Matter Expert/Mentor in Residence - Lokker, Cynthia - Subject Matter Expert/Mentor in Residence (Search Validation Expert) - Navarro, Tamara - Subject Matter Expert/Mentor in Residence (Search Validation Expert) - Orozco, Rebecca - Project Co-Lead - Ramirez, Mirian - Contributor - Roth, Stephanie - Project Co-Lead - Scheinfeld, Laurel - Contributor **MeSH Project Team** - Abad, Erika, Ph.D - Subject Matter Expert/Mentor in Residence (Latinx Studies Expert) - Fell, Stephanie - Contributor - Hoskins, Katie - Contributor - Nugent, Ruby - Project Co-Lead - Shields, Tracy - Subject Matter Expert/Mentor in Residence (Mesh Expert) - Vidales, Jesse - Contributor - Weeks, Aidy - Project Co-Lead, Projects Lead **Deliverables** - Search Hedges: - Mesh Recommendations: **List of Presentations** - Weeks A, Fell, S. "MLA Latinx Caucus: Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project". **NIH Interest Group, Monthly Meeting for Adding Ethnic Minorities to MeSH**, October 6, 2021 *** - Fell S, Hoskins K, Nugent R, Roth S, Weeks, A, Orozco R. "Changing the Narrative: An interdisciplinary approach to recommending changes to the National Library of Medicine’s controlled vocabulary and development of search hedges to improve access to information for Hispanic/Latinx population groups". **REFORMA VII National Conference & 50th Anniversary**, November 4-7, 2021 *** - Weeks, A, Nugent, R, Orozco R, Roth S."Changing the Narrative: An interdisciplinary approach to MeSH recommendations and the development of Hispanic/Latinx-specific search hedges". **Social Justice & Health Disparities Caucus of the Medical Library Association**, Action Club Session #3, January 24, 2022 ([Recording & Transcript][2]) *** - Orozco R, Roth S."Search Hedge for Hispanic/Latinx U.S. Populations". **NCNMLG Scholarly Snippets**, February 9, 2022 ([Recording Forthcoming][3]) *** - Weeks A, Shields T. "Hispanic/Latinx Inclusive Terminologies Project: Recommendations to Improve and Expand Medical Subject Headings". Conference Poster Presentation. **Medical Library Association Annual Conference**, May 3-6, 2022 ([Recording][4]) [1]: [2]: [3]: [4]:
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