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We provide the data and code for the behavior- and process-level analyses in Johnson, Cesario, and Pleskac (in press). Because of confidentiality agreements with the police departments and officers and we recruited in Study 1 and 3, we cannot post officer data. We do provide student data from all studies. Even though we cannot post the officer data, for transparency we still post the code used to run the multilevel and diffusion model analyses for students and officers from all studies. However, without the officer data it is not possible to run the multilevel or diffusion model analyses in Study 1 or 3b. Files are organized in terms of the studies as reported in the paper. Each directory contains: 1) trial level data, 2) individual difference data at the participant level, 3) R code to run the multilevel model analysis, 4) R code to run the diffusion model analysis (and test the hypothesized effects), 5) JAGS code to run the diffusion model analysis, and 6) two "helper" R scripts that are sourced when running the analyses above. Please note that in Study 3 there is an additional file that combines the diffusion model results from Study 3a and 3b to facilitate tests of the hypotheses across officers and students.