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These folders contain the data for the EMBOTS project. 1. Behavioural data a. Rating: post-fMRI rating for videos observed during fMRI on scale from -5 (pain) to +5 (pleasure) b. Rating_abs: post-fMRI rating for videos observed during fMRI (absolute values) c. Rank Order: human and robot videos rank ordered from most painful to most pleasure (split for extreme and mild pain or pleasure) d. Log files: the quantity (number of games, duration of the interaction per day and per session) and quality of the interaction (positive, negative and mixed emotions of the robot, and ratio of self-initiation of the robot: requests made by the robot divided by total behaviours of the robot). e. IOS: perceived self-other overlap between them and four other agents (the robot, person in the video, a close friend, and a stranger) on a scale from 1 (no overlap) to 7 (complete overlap). f. Functional task: performance for the task performed during scanning. 2. Functional data a. Group-contrained subject specific fROI repetition suppression analysis b. Group-contrained subject specific fROI discrete coded event-related analysis Both files contain the difference score in activation pre - post-socialising intervention.