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__Find a Collaborator__ To Post on StudySwap: Send an email to the following address(es) from the email account you would like used on the OSF: -For haves, email -For needs, email The format of the email should be as follows: Subject: Title Message body: Brief description of the Have or Need Attachments: A more detailed description of the have or need, including helpful materials such as protocol, instruments, data, testing environment, contact info, etc. Once sent, we will follow-up by sending you the permanent identifier that others can use to cite your work; you can also login and make changes, such as uploading additional files, to your project at that URL. If you didn't have an OSF account, one will be created automatically and a link to set your password will be emailed to you; if you do, we will simply create a new project in your account. By creating an account you agree to our Terms and that you have read our Privacy Policy, including our information on Cookie Use.