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**Introduction to Web APIs in Python** Web APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) provide a way for scholars to efficiently and legally access and download data from web platforms and publications such as Twitter and the New York Times. In this workshop we’ll use Python to query and download data using the NY Times API. This workshop will cover how to: - Use Python 3 in a JupyterLab computing environment - Read API documentation to build successful API queries - Use the Requests and JSON Python libraries to download data from the NY Times API - Use built-in Python functions such as type, len, and dir to explore API data - Explore API data in Python using dictionaries To be successful, you should have: - A laptop you can bring to the workshop, with - Anaconda installed for using Python - Create a free NY Times developer account - No prior experience with these tools is necessary, and participants do not need to have any coding skills. - The Introduction to Python workshop on October 18, 2019 is not required, but recommended. Nov. 1, 2019