Statistical Rethinking with brms, ggplot2, and the tidyverse


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Description: Reexpress McElreath’s "Statistical Rethinking" (2015) by fitting the models in brms, plotting with ggplot2, and data wrangling with tidyverse-style syntax.

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This is a love letter I love McElreath’s Statistical Rethinking text. It's the entry-level textbook for applied researchers I spent a couple years looking for. McElreath's freely-available lectures on the book are really great, too. However, I've come to prefer using Bürkner’s brms package when doing Bayeisn regression in R. It's just spectacular. I also prefer plotting with Wickham's ggplot2, an...


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  • brms, ggplot2 and tidyverse code, by chapter

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  • Fit lines, coefficient plots, and other ggplot2 fun

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