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If you use this code or task in an experiment, please cite: 1. Li, A. Y., Fukuda, K., & Barense, M. D. (2022). Independent features form integrated objects: Using a novel shape-color “conjunction task” to reconstruct memory resolution for multiple object features simultaneously. *Cognition, 223*, 105024. 2. Li, A. Y., Liang, J. C., Lee, A. C. H., & Barense, M. D. (2020). The validated circular shape space: Quantifying the visual similarity of shape. *Journal of Experimental Psychology: General, 149*(5), 949–966. Questions can be directed to Aedan Li, a current PhD Candidate at the Memory & Perception Lab at the University of Toronto: Note that all of the code described below was built in MATLAB. See here for a python implementation: ---------- In this project, we explored how objects are represented in mind using a novel shape-color "conjunction" task to reconstruct memory resolution within a single behavioral response. In this task, shapes from the *Validated Circular Shape Space* (Li, Liang, Lee, & Barense, 2020; were displayed along the circumference of a 2D circle and colors from a circle defined on CIELAB color space (L = 70, a = 20, b = 38, radius = 60 units) were displayed along the radius. Participants can then navigate along shape and color space simultaneously in order to reconstruct a target object. See the wiki for more information about the task and pre-generated shape-color object stimuli. Anonymized data from Experiment 1 and Experiment 2 are provided under "Files". Please let me know if you spot any errors! @[osf](54qvt) [1]: http://