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**Using R for data cleaning and data wrangling - Paul Thompson** Hopefully you have successfully [installed R][3] and [RStudio][2] by this point, if not pleasedo so before you continue. You will need to download the R script called "script for cumberland lodge_thompson.R" and "simulated_TEF_data.csv" files from the "Thompson" folder found on OSF [here][1]. The script for simulating the data is also in this folder but details will not be covered in that session. I would be happy to discuss the details in any of the free time slots throughout the week. You will also need to run the following R code snippet to download required R packages: list_of_packages = c("assertr","tidyverse","MASS") new.packages = list_of_packages[!(list_of_packages %in% installed.packages()[,"Package"])] if(length(new.packages))install.packages(new.packages) library(assertr) library(tidyverse) library(MASS) Copy the code into R command line, and then press Return. Hopefully, this should run without errors. [2thout errors. [1]: [2]: [3]: