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Participating Research Groups ----------------------------- The following groups are participating; each is conducting an independent replication by following the approved protocol. On the eventual *Perspectives* article, the first authors will be the members of the proposing lab, the authors from the other labs will follow, in alphabetical order. #### in English - [Hagger & Chatzisarantis; Curtin University, Australia]( | [rego]( FINISHED - [Phillipp; Cannon - Massey University - New Zealand]( | [rego]( - [Angela Birt, Megan Muise; Mount Saint Vincent University, Canada]( | [rego]( FINISHED DATA COLLECTION - [Emily Kothe; Deakin University, Australia]( | [rego]( ABORTED due to RA unavailability - [Francis & Inzlicht; University of Toronto, Canada]( | [rego]( FINISHED - [Akira Miyake, Nicholas Carruth, et al.; University of Colorado Boulder, US]( | [rego]( FINISHED - [Gene Brewer, Kevin Lau; Arizona State University, US]( | [rego]( | FINISHED - [Bell Jones, Sherman; Florida Atlantic University, US]( *Aborted, unable to access sufficient participants* - [Lara Ringos; Loyola University, US]( | [rego]( ) - [Crowell, Finley, Schmeichel; Texas A&M University, US]( | [rego]( | FINISHED DATA COLLECTION - [William Collins, Boucher, & Banks; NoVA Southeastern University, US]( | [rego]( *Aborted, unable to access sufficient participants* - Ben Ampel, McNay, Muraven, O’Malley; SUNY Albany | WITHDREW prior to collecting any datq - [Evans, Fay, et al.; Florida International University]( | [rego]( - Read, Batista, Ravichandar; University of Warwick, UK | *Aborted because of EPRIME shipping delay* - [Calvillo; California State Uni San Marcos, US]( | FINISHED DATA COLLECTION | [postRego]( - [Vranka, Houdek, Bahník; Anglo American University, Czech Republic]( (native English speaker participants studying in CZ) | [rego]( WITHDREW because of participant recruitment difficulty - [Tinghog et al.; Linköping University, Sweden]( (using fluent but not native English speakers, so will not be included in the main English-only meta-analysis) | [postRego]( | FINISHED - [VanDellen,Lynch,Campbell; U Georgia, USA]( | [Rego]( #### in Dutch - [Henry Otgaar; Maastricht University, The Netherlands]( | PostRego - [Tracy Cheung et al.; Utrecht University, The Netherlands]( | [Rego]( FINISHED - [Mark Brandt; Tilburg University, The Netherlands]( | [rego]( | FINISHED - [Stamos, Bruyneel, DeWitte; Leuven, Belgium]( | FINISHED | [PostRego]( - [Schlinkert, Schrama, Koole; Vu Amsterdam, The Netherlands]( | [rego]( FINISHED #### in German - [Schutz, Rentzsch, Nalis; Bamberg, Germany]( | [rego]( FINISHED - [Lange, Heise, Hoemann; TU Braunschweig]( | [Rego]( FINISHED - [Wolff, Muzzi, Brand; Potsdam, Germany]( | [Rego]( FINISHED - [Elson; Ruhr-Universität Bochum]( [Rego]( - [Ullrich; University of Zurich]( | [postRego]( FINISHED #### In Indonesian - [Cleo Yusainy; University of Brawijaya, Indonesia]( | [rego]( ) FINISHED #### In French - [Zerhouni, Muller]( Université Pierre Mendes France | [rego]( | FINISHED The link provided with each group will eventually link to that group's OSF project webpage for their replication study. Before publication each research group's page is by default private, but must become public by the time of publication.
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