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Community engagement is one of the cornerstones of successful science gateways. The approach “If I build it, they will come” seldom works for science gateways - user-driven design and development, close collaboration with the user community offering support measures as well as outreach from the beginning of a project are some of the measures to build and grow a community for a science gateway. An active and growing community contributes to its sustainability and, thus, to a sustainable software life cycle. The goal is to enhance computational solutions instead of starting for every project from scratch or reinventing the wheel. Typically, the principal investigators (PIs) leading the creation of science gateways and gateway creators are domain experts or research computing specialists and not community engagement specialists. This 3-hour tutorial will introduce success stories especially in the community engagement area and their specific outreach measures and strategies. The hands-on sessions will give the participants the ability to discuss and work through exercises for their own projects and science gateways and/or examples given in advance. Exercises include (i) elevator pitches about a science gateway to different target audiences: from the user community to stakeholders to anticipated partners in the project; (ii) communication exercises for meetings assuming participants from diverse backgrounds and knowledge; (iii) BrainTrust exercises in working groups where participants can present or discuss a specific challenge they face in their project or science gateway related to community engagement. The exercises are inspired by SGCI’s successful Focus Week (Science Gateways Community Institute) and the successful series of Virtual Residency workshops led by Oklahoma University. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Sandra Gesing Associate Research Professor, Department of Computer Science and Engineering Computational Scientist, Center for Research Computing University of Notre Dame ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------