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This OSF project accompanies the manuscript: Gluth, S.\*, Spektor, M. S.\*, & Rieskamp, J. (2018). Value-based attentional capture affects multi-alternative decision making. *eLife, 7*, 1–36. The project is organized as follows: - The files of **Experiment 1: High-value distractors impair choice accuracy** are in the component *Experiment 1*. The raw data of this experiment are contained in **. - The files of **Experiment 2: Distractor effects depend on decision time** are in the component *Experiment 2*. The raw data of this experiment are contained in **. The **high-time-pressure group** has even participant IDs, and the **low-time-pressure group** has odd participant IDs. - The files of **Experiment 3: Value affects attention and attention affects decisions** are in the component *Experiment 3*. The raw behavioral data of this experiment are contained in **. The data compiled into a single comma-separated file together with the eye-tracking data (aggregated within each trials) are contained in **. - The files of **Experiment 4** are in the component *Experiment 4*. The raw data of this experiment are contained in **. - **AnalysisChauNov2018.m** contains the analyses reported in our reply to Chau et al.’s annotation to our paper. To run the analyses, the datasets of Chau et al. have to be downloaded from and placed in the same folder as the analysis script. Correspondence can be sent to Sebastian Gluth ([][3]) or Mikhail Spektor ([][2]) [1]: [2]: [3]:
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