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<p><strong>Exploratory + Confirmatory split Datasets</strong></p> <p>1/3 of the datapoints from the full (deidentified) datasets were randomly selected on a per-site basis. These datasets are intended for exploratory analyses, which may then be confirmed on the remaining 2/3 of the dataset. These are intended for the Additional Analyses via Commentaries section of the <a href="https://osf.io/ejcfw/" rel="nofollow">proposal</a> (page 11). Now they are made public for general use.</p> <p>Identical datasets are provided in .csv, .xlsx, .RData and .sav format for both slates. These are compiled into .zip files available here: <a href="https://osf.io/asqyu/" rel="nofollow">Exploratory 1/3 Split</a> and <a href="https://osf.io/jmza5/" rel="nofollow">Confirmatory 2/3 split</a></p> <p><em>Note: Datasets were updated on April 4th 2018 with fixes to country coding for Belgium and Hong Kong sites</em></p> <p><strong>Codebooks:</strong> To work with these data, <a href="https://osf.io/iumfx/" rel="nofollow">this component</a> contains codebooks and study files. In particular, <a href="https://osf.io/d7n5j/" rel="nofollow">ML2 Codebook for Primary Analyses</a> indicates which variables are used for which study, and how they are coded. </p> <p><strong>Analysis scripts:</strong> An in-depth accounting of the R code used to generate results is available <a href="https://manylabsopenscience.github.io/ml2-analysis-how-to.html" rel="nofollow">here</a>. In particular, the <a href="https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1fqK3WHwFPMIjNVVvmxpMEjzUETftq_DmP5LzEhXxUHA/edit#gid=769239110" rel="nofollow">ML2_masteRkey spreadsheet</a> may be useful for checking analyses for those fluent in R.</p> <p><strong>Removed variables per slate:</strong> The below variables were removed from these de-identified dataset to protect the privacy of participants. Some longer open-response variables were removed because participants could have responded with sensitive information. The full dataset containing these sensitive variables is available to all researchers who obtain IRB and/or ethical approval to analyze them. Contact the lead team for more information.</p> <p><strong>Slate 1:</strong> ResponseSet Name ExternalDataReference EmailAddress IPAddress Status kay1.1 kay1.2_7_TEXT kay1.2_8_TEXT kay1.2_9_TEXT kay1.3 kay2.1 kay2.2_7_TEXT kay2.2_8_TEXT kay2.2_9_TEXT kay2.3 and1.1 and2.1 age sex race race.brazi race.hunga raceother born born.par born.par2 borno born.paro born.par2o hometown politics education LocationLatitude LocationLongitude LocationAccuracy credit RID MID race.nz_1 race.nz_2 race.nz_3 race.nz_4 race.nz_5 race.nz_6 race.nz_7 race.nz_9 race.nz_10 race.pol race.safri race.chi10 race.chil1 race.cost1 race.mex race.uru race.swe race.turk1 race.uae comments race.ger credit_1_TEXT credit_2_TEXT</p> <p><strong>Slate 2:</strong> ResponseSet Name ExternalDataReference EmailAddress IPAddress Status id sava1.2 sava1.3 sava1.7 sava1.8 sava1.12 sava1.13 sava1.18 sava1.19 sava1.24 sava1.25 sava1.30 sava1.31 sava1.36 sava1.37 sava1.41 sava1.42 sava2.2 sava2.3 sava2.7 sava2.8 sava2.12 sava2.13 sava2.18 sava2.19 sava2.24 sava2.25 sava2.30 sava2.31 sava2.36 sava2.37 sava2.41 sava2.42 zhon1.1 zhon2.1 zav.int.1 zav1.1 zav1.2 zav1.3 zav1.4 zav1.5 zav1.6 zav1.7 zav1.8 zav1.9 zav1.10 zav1.11 zav1.12 zav1.13 zav2.1 zav2.2 zav2.3 zav2.4 zav2.5 zav2.6 zav2.7 zav2.8 zav2.9 zav2.10 zav2.11 zav2.12 zav2.13 age sex race raceother born born.par born.par2 hometown education LocationLatitude LocationLongitude LocationAccuracy political race.uae credit RID MID race.nz_1 race.nz_2 race.nz_3 race.nz_4 race.nz_5 race.nz_6 race.nz_7 race.nz_8 race.nz_10 credit_1_TEXT credit_2_TEXT race.pol born.other born.par.o born.par2o credit1 credit2 credit3 hearing comments race.ger</p>
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